Monday, May 9, 2011

Chocolate Milk

Just saw that schools may do away with chocolate milk. Oh, no! Chocolate milk was one of the many perks of going to school in the 1950s. Sitting in the cafeteria with that little carton of cold chocolate milk, you pressed the pre-punched hole on one side, inserted two paper straws, and slurped it up. One of the best things about lunch.

I was a country kid. We didn't have chocolate milk at home, much less paper straws. Ahhh, first grade was grand.


  1. I was such a picky eater in grade school that my 2nd. grade teacher wouldn't let me play outside with the rest of the kids unless I cleaned my tray. Needless to say, I rarely did that. I was okay sitting and watching the other play. Near the end of the play time she would feel sorry for me and let me play a litte while before we went in. After all I WAS the best printer in her room. She said so.

  2. I loved the school cafeteria. I saw food I had never seen before. (I don't think Mother ever cooked a casserole in her entire life.) I don't remember if I always ate everything, but it was so different from home. And it was served on the neatest little tray with sections for your entree, your veggies, your dessert, and even your chocolate milk. Food was new adventure in the school cafeteria.