Friday, June 17, 2011

Fresh Fish

Fish was novelty at our house. I never ate fresh shrimp until I was in a high school Home Economics class when we made a dish with boiled shrimp. (Come to think of it. This was West Texas. It probably wasn't fresh, but frozen.) Growing up, the only fish that we ate with any regularity was canned tuna and canned salmon. On occasion, if we were lucky, we might get invited to a fish fry where we had fried catfish, Daddy didn't fish (or do much of anything else in the way of a hobby), so catfish consumption was dependent on the good will of friends or neighbors.

In my own family, we often make tuna salad just like Momma did, except we don't add onions. But, we never have salmon patties. I made them once, and Bruce and Emilia turned up their noses. Salmon patties with gravy. Yum, now that's a dish. Bruce and Emilia don't know what they are missing. Of course, they think it's sacrilege to put catsup atop the gravy on chicken fried steak. Speaking of chicken fried steak, it often was ground hamburger meat formed into patties. Still good. Especially with that catsup atop the gravy.

Maybe I should rename this the Ford Family Food Blog, huh? :-)

Naw, I've got more things to talk about than food.

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  1. Daddy had catfish all the time. It was purchased "fresh" from Cherry's Fish Market. This place was located near the "Flats" & owned by a rather large negro. Methinks Dad also purchased his daily medications there also.
    Mother never allowed us to eat fish because of the too many bones factor.
    Yes...I use catsup on chicken fried steak & white gravy. Susan thinks I'm do Karissa & Alisha.
    Chicken fried steak originally came from Lamesa. It was caused by in ignorant cook in a hotel who mis-read the waiter's order from two diners. The order was for chicken & fried steak. Cook prepared the steak in chicken batter.
    Lamesa has a Chicken Fried Steak Festival.